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Jan 03 2013

The Beginning

I am officially a member of the Greater Philadelphia 2013 Corps! More specifically, I’ll be teaching mathematics in Camden, NJ.  This past week, I completed one of my first tasks in the road to becoming a teacher- mailing in a huge packet filled with paperwork from background checks to certification applications.

As a reminder of where I came from when I started my experience, I would like to share the opening paragraph of my letter of intent to TFA:

I was surprised when my professor in my first college course asked me to tutor my classmate Camille because she couldn’t calculate the slope of a line.  Despite being a high school valedictorian, she lacked the foundation to master simple economic concepts.  That is when I recognized the achievement gap in U.S. education and began my search to determine how that gap develops and how on many levels I can improve our educational system.

Induction is set to begin on July 18th and Institute on June 24th.  I could not be more excited for summer to arrive!

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